Commercial design can be done in an environmentally-friendly manner.

http://www.macbrideofficefurniture.comAs the economy in the United States has begun to rebound, so has the business of cubicle walls and commercial design..  There are all sorts of deals and promotions going on so that businesses can purchase cubicles at a reasonable cost, and step up their business’ commercial design.  However, as costs go down, so do environmental standards.  Fortunately, companies can now find cubicles that are prepared and installed in an environmentally-friendly way while still being at a cost that keeps them competitive.  This allows companies to design their commercial spaces in an environmentally healthy manner.

Macbride Office Furniture is one company that pride themselves on their green commercial design.  They are LEED certified.  A LEED certification means that a third party has come to the conclusion that the company they are giving their approval to designs their commercial spaces in a way that reduces greatly the environmental impact the office space has.  Macbride Office Furniture’s LEED certification extends to their cubicles.  They have received a LEED-CI certification, which is the certification a business gets when the interior designs of a commercial space installed in an existing building meet their criteria for environmental well-being.  At least 30% of the furniture and other items they use in their interior design are reused or refurbished.  Reused and refurbished furniture cuts down on the number of new pieces of furniture that are entering the market, which decreases the demand of natural resources.

They have three tips and rules that they follow to ensure that their commercial design meets environmental standards.  The first is simply to reduce.  What this means is that they businesses they work with must first come up with a plan about the amount of furniture they think they will need, and why they will need.  Simply having businesses create a plan like this ensures that the business only orders the cubicles, office furniture, and other items that they need.  This decreases the amount of supplies they need for their office, because they do not order things that will be superfluous.

The second rule that they follow is reuse.  What they mean by this is that the businesses they work with should strive to purchase as much used furniture as is possible.  Typically, used furniture is just as nice as new furniture, especially if it has been refurbished.  Also, it costs less, so this helps the business to spend the least amount of money possible.

The third rule that they follow is to recycle.  Once cubicle walls and other office furniture have outlived their usefulness, they should be recycled.  This reduces the overall environmental impact of an office greatly.  Rather than adding to the landfills which are already overflowing, recycling office furniture protects the world for future generations.  This may not seem like a huge deal, but when you add up all of the office furniture that is in every business and corporate office across the country, the total sum is immense.  Recycling it greatly reduces environmental impact.  Macbride Office Furniture can help you to arrange all of these things.


The cubicle has impacted society more than we know.

Whenever one pictures an office setting, the immediate image that jumps into mind is the terrible and daunting vision of an office that reminds us all of office space. It is not pretty. The vision of such a thing is terrifying to many of us because to most people, the old cubicle means monotony, boredom, a lack of expression, and an inability to express one’s true self at work. Ironically, this was the exact opposite of the inventor of the cubicle’s goals. His focus was on creating a space that allowed people to flourish with just enough privacy to give them comfort but also enough movement and visibility to help them experience what was going on around them as well. Regardless of the intention and the outcomes, few people can disagree that the cubicle has had the single largest impact on society of any piece of office furniture. It can hardly be denied that the office cubicle has had an incredibly strong social impact since its inception in the 1960’s. Some have even gone so far as to speculate that it is thanks to the cubicle that women were able to move into middle management positions in the late 1960’s. Author Thomas Hine credits cubicles with this responsibility because cubicles gave female’s male counterparts a place to maintain the male private “bull pens” that had been an exclusive male domain and key part of office culture. However, there have certainly been some controversies and conflicts over the ways in which people have interacted and will continue to interact in office settings, thanks to the cubicle. George Nelson, an original partner on the Action Office project who was let go midway through completely disowned the Action Office. His comments are telling. He noted that the Action Office is not a system that “produces an environment gratifying for people in general.” This sadly has remained an accurate assessment of the Action Office’s office partition system. It is an excellent system in terms of maximizing space usage in an office, however it has created a certain corporate environment that may not be entirely positive. However, the move towards a more positive environment can still be built on the back of those who came before. Both George Nelson and Robert Propst’s research into the science of office ergonomics and the ways in which humans function most prosperously within the office environment is not difficult to see as critically important to the future. Their first initiatives focused more on this aspect than large scale productivity and it is with that mindset that new companies like MacBride Office Furnishings are stepping into the forefront with new ideas about what makes a company function at highest capacity and what are the ways in which we can continue to develop and maximize space usage without detrimentally impact the employee. For this future we will long after and hope for. With any luck and a little bit of determination, perhaps the offices of the not so distant future will employ a variation on this cubicle.

My new cubicle changed my work life!

My favorite part of school as a child wasalways my desk. It was my space, my place for my assortment of multi-colored erasers and glittery gel pens. In short: this was my place to call my own.

Now I’m a bit older, and I work a real job with a real desk. No more gel pens, no more crayons, no pets to raise in the back corner. But I’ve learned over time that with the proper colors and desk shape, I can still have that delightfully personal sensation of having my own personal creative space when I sit down in my cubicle. This is in part due to the fantastic cubicles my office has invested in. MacBride Office Furniture created and installed them, and they have made a world of difference in my work experience.

A cubicle may not sounds terribly appealing to most, but the reality is that the culture of cubicles and workstations is changing. My new workstation is the most versatile and health-friendly too. It’s built as a part of a circle, and my quarter can be tucked away into my very own nook of productivity and also turned out to become part of the circle with my three coworkers. We collaborate on projects frequently, so this flexibility makes our work significantly easier. Not only that, but I have enough personal space to allow my own creative juices to flow.

Before we installed the new cubicles, work life was really dull. I came in every day and sat in my dark little corner. It just didn’t feel like me, and it made it harder for me to concentrate. I wanted to do my best at work, but the space just didn’t allow me to be freely creative and effective in my job. A number of my coworkers felt the same way, so we wrote a proposal and our boss took our suggestions to heart. That’s when MacBride Office Furniture came into play. They even helped our boss design the space that would fit our needs specifically. The modern day office can’t look the same for every company, so they helped us create a space unique to our business, our employees, and our clients too. Now the space looks beautiful and helps us stay positive and productive. Plus, the compliments my clients give me on my peach-colored cubicle walls http://www.macbrideofficefurniture.comnever ceases to make me smile.

Growing up, my mother always told me to “brighten the corner where you are.” With my new work space, I really can do that. I can brighten my coworkers because I myself, am brighter. I can brighten my work, because I have aplace to work that fits me perfectly. I am a better worker because my space is not only bright like me, but it literally is my size. The cubicle adjusts to the right height, my desk locks in just the right level, and my chair provides the right support for me. If you’re struggling at work and just can’t figure out why, consider your space, and consider remodeling- it changed my work life!


We love the new cubicles in the office


The past few weeks have been really hard on everyone in the office because, well, we haven’t been in the office. In addition to a few other design changes, our office manager has decided to put in new cubicles and to spruce up our office which was starting to show it’s age. We have yet to see what the “new” office will look like but it’s almost certain to be more modern, cleaner, brighter and crisper looking than what we had before.

If you are trying to imagine what our office looked like before the redesign (kind of hard to do since neither you or I know what it might look like NOW) think of any movie you have ever seen with a big, boring, dull and gray room full to the brim with cubicles. Each cubicle is a perfect five foot by five foot square with a gray felt-like material being used. There are thin isles between these office partitions but other than that it is just an endless sea of cubicles. Occasionally you will see a fake plant or a water cooler but those are usually there to serve a function. Obviously the water cooler’s function is to hydrate the staff but even the fake plant is only there to conceal a bunch of power cords and power cables that were unsightly. If there was a way they could cover up those cords without the plant it wouldn’t even be there in the first place.

The company we ordered new office furniture from is called MacBride and they specialize in designer office supplies like office chairs, desks, conference tables, reception furniture and yes, cubicles. Their lineup of materials and styles is always changing and always fresh. If you so choose you can opt for the basic cubicle design that won’t impress anyone, OR you can do what we hope our manager is doing and get some nifty designs and colors splashed throughout the office to help lighten everyone’s mood. It’s not that morale is inherently low in the office or anything, but if there is a simple way to make everyone feel better while you boost productivity it would seem like a no brainer to me.

I guess beyond hoping that we get some color and interesting design elements thrown in the office I don’t have much in the way of expectations. I hope they use good taste and put together something tasteful and classy for us to enjoy on a daily basis. I saw a box of glass floor mats in the storage area so I at least know they have upgraded us from those hideous plastic ones that always break and fade to a gross yellow color. Hopefully while looking through the MacBride commercial design catalogue they decided it was time to replace the aging conference table and get something that is a little more up to date. I think everyone’s attitude would change for the better if they would change our surroundings a little bit to reflect the change in times.

Ergonomics and cubicles

One of the best way to insure that your employees are working to their highest potential is to ensure that they are working inline with ergonomics around the office.  Ergonomics is study of the efficiency of people working in their environments.  Many common health issues can be traced back to improper ergonomics. In the modern day cubicle culture of office workers , ergonomics are extremely important.  Think of the amount of hours in a day that an office worker spend sitting and looking at his or her computer.  If there is anything wrong in their ergonomics, then chronic use issues can arise along the lines of carpel tunnel syndrome, headaches, and chronic back pain.  An ergonomically correct chair will support the natural curvature of the spine and at the same time support the lumbar, thus preventing issues with the back.  A computer monitor should be at eye level and at least 20 inches away from the eyes of the user.  This way, no strain or awkward neck positions are necessary.  The keyboard should be configured to the intricacies of each person body in order to avoid carpel tunnel syndrome.  When sitting, your feet should be able to rest on the floor and there should be enough cushion to avoid issues with blood flow in your lower extremities.  Along those same lines, new studies recommend that sedentary workers should stand up and stretch for at least 15 minutes for every 2 hours that they work.  In the privacy of a cubicle, doing so shouldn’t be distracting to co-workers.

MacBride Office Furniture changed my perspective on cubicle spaces

One of most negative connotations of an office job is that you will nothing but a paper pusher sitting in a tiny cubicle along with all the other minions of the company. I was always a little unnerved by this perception since all I had ever wanted to do was work in a nice big business building. I wanted the 9-5 job in a nice office doing important paper work, and working on a computer all day. I didn’t have any issues with those being my job responsibilities. I didn’t however want to be stuck day in and day out in a tiny cube of space, surrounded by dozens of other employees doing the exact same job as me. When I finally graduated from college, I started interviewing and every company I could get in touch with. It was on one of those interviews that I saw the most amazing office space I had ever witnessed.

There were cubicles in the center of the room, but they were the nicest cubicles I had ever seen. I was so impressed that I had to compliment the CEO on this matter. He told me that the space didn’t always look that impressive, until they worked with MacBride Office Furniture to revamp the space. He said they not only provided the office partitions forming the cubicles, they also sent someone from their commercial design department to assemble them in the most space efficient manner. I would have never thought so much was possible with a few partitions. MacBride definitely changed my opinion on the monotony of cubicle spaces.

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Use Your Ergonomic Chair Correctly

So now you have that fancy ergonomic chair that is supposed to make your work more productive and satisfying. And I believe in those things. First of all, I believe wholeheartedly in the idea that if you are comfortable and happy, you will be more productive. I also think that it is important to make sure that workers are safe and free from workplace accidents. This even applies to those that work within cubicle walls. People usually think of people working on oil rigs or Virginia coal miners when they think of workplace safety. But it also applies to cubicles as well. And ergonomic chairs are one of the ways that you can preserve your back if you are sitting at a chair all day. But here is the trick. How do you set up the darn thing? I mean, it is just chair. But, then, it is not just any chair. And if you have spent all of that money on this fancy chair, it would be wasteful to use it incorrectly. So make sure that you read the instruction manual or ask an expert how to adjust it just for your frame. If it can be specialized just to your body, your body will thank you later. I hate working all day, and then feeling so tired or sore that I cannot enjoy myself once work is over. If I have been sitting down all day at a desk, I want to go running afterward or something. But if I do not use my chair correctly, I’ll be too sore to do so.


I recently moved into a new office.

I recently moved into a new office with a colleague.  Before, I was stationed in a group of cubicles next to our department’s assistant and could hear everything that was going on all the time.  I think that it did a great job of keeping me on task, not like right now, but it also was kind of stressful.  I could hear every piece of conversation at the friendship table and I could hear all of these rumors and what not.  I think that right now, my office is pretty great, but oh wait, I am getting away from what I wanted to talk about.  What I wanted to talk about was the new office space.  Before I moved in here, there were two other colleagues that used to share this office.  They have since moved out, but when they were in here they had this huge office partition up.  Now, we have a very open space and I think that people really like it for the most part.  There are negatives though.  We can hear each other very clearly which makes it difficult when we are both trying to make phone calls at the same time.  That said, we have rarely run into a situation where we have gotten overly annoyed with one another.  I hope that stays true because I do not know where they would like me put my standup cubicle if I had to leave this office.  As a result, we must remain cordial and enjoy our friendship.


Let’s Find The Proper Cubicles For You

Do you need to make your business grow? Are you getting an influx of employees that are trying to get hired? Do you want them to feel comfortable in your business setting? Well we are here to help with that. We want you to order a cubicle so you know that your employees are doing the best possible job they can and are absolutely paying attention to all details. You want your business to thrive and you want to make the most income possible. You know that your business will allow you to do this, but you have to make the proper changes to your cubicles. You want the newest and best kind just so your staff is comfortable. Our cubicles are so sturdy you will not have to buy any for a while. We want your business to thrive, but the only way you can do this is by making sure that your employees are happy. They will be very happy that they can work in their own space with out being crowded or bombarded by different people that will ultimately distract them from doing their job. You want to them to be completely comfortable with their work surroundings so getting your staff cubicles is probably something they deserve. You should really give us a call today so we can show you all of the ways we can benefit your company. We want you to feel at home with us, and we also want you to be able to ask all of the questions you need. Let’s order your cubicles today.


Working in a square space

I think that when you are talking about the new building that our organization is planning to build. You are not thinking very much about the cubicles and the spaces that we will be working in. I think that you think very little about that kind of stuff. In fact, I think that when you are thinking about a new building you are thinking about the windows and whether you get a window or not. I think that there are a few things that people like you think about and sunlight is one of those things. I have  a good friend who I work with who is going through some serious stuff and he is looking to move into a new house and he is for sure very worried that there are only one or two places these days that will take him and his stuff and his cat and let him move into an apartment with out sunlight. There seems to be a lot of places out there that have the ability to let in sunlight and the place that I am right now does not allow a lot of sunlight. Its not that I am in the basement but it is an issue that I am unable to be looking at the sun when it is day time. What I have started to notice is that as the warmth comes to this state and its starts to be summer time there are some neighbors that I have that have a commercial design house.


Setting Up Cubicles for a Small Business

The right cubicle walls can definitely be somewhat difficult to setup, but if you have a small business with the need for some privacy it is a good call to make. Employees tend to be more productive when they have their own space to work in, and this is true of small businesses just as much as large ones. Looking at the cubicle materials and colors in question would also be a very good idea, because otherwise you could end up with a bad option in your office. This is not something that you want to encourage, so you really need to take the time to look at exactly what your options are. In no time at all you can usually get things figured out, but only if you are willing to look at the right ways in which cubicles can be used.

Checking the colors and style of the cubicles you are considering against the existing style in your office would be a very good idea. If you do not do this then you could have some unexpected clashes with your existing furniture, and such distractions can actually be somewhat distracting for employees. This is a whole lot to keep in mind for sure, and for this reason it is important that you keep your eye on the prize at all times. Making sure that you are able to accomplish this quickly is incredibly important in some scenarios, but if you are lucky enough to have extra time then you should use it. Just move forward in a way that is going to give you the time to test out some products, otherwise you could end up with a lemon.

Cubicle Walls

Office Lay-Outs for Different Industries

We discussed in a previous post the major factor to consider in planning for the lay-out of your office. Efficiency is the major goal. There are other things to be considered, as well, aside from the design and layout of the office partitions.

These factors include the legal requirements mandated by local government units and agencies. They include:

  • Fire safety,
  • Proper lighting,
  • Temperature settings,
  • Ventilation,
  • Signages, and
  • Welfare and accessibility for the differently abled.

In some cities and areas, they also mandate that there is a minimum space for each employee.

There is no universal design for all types of offices. When planning for the layout of your office, you also consider the best type of environment that would help you meet your business objectives.

Call centers, for example, need appropriate noise reduction furniture and equipment. That would mean having cubicle walls that are optimized for noise reduction. That type of lay-out also necessitates only a small space for each person with less or even no document storage requirements and use of other office equipment except for the desktop computer.

Offices, like accounting and legal firms, which handle huge amounts of hard-copies of documents will need large desks, photocopying equipment, filing cabinets and archiving facilities near their desks.

Offices for creative industries like graphic design studios, ad agencies, and the like, need to be arranged that would facilitate creative thinking. Usually, a mood or idea board should also be provided to allow them to easily document their free-range thinking. Paintings, installations, colorful furniture are also beneficial for offices of companies with those types of work.


I love the new proposed office space

I always have been a team player. I grew up playing team sports and enjoy growing that relationship with people that I am competing with. With that being said, when I entered the work force I was surprised that the company I worked for liked to talk about team building and team work, but did not feel that way at all. All of our work space, or should I say cubicles, were partitioned off and isolated us from each other. Some times I did not know the person that was working in the cubicle across from me but I heard everything. It has been bizarre.

Until recently. Our company announced a proposed new office space. This is a totally open concept and where most of the creative and innovative companies have adapted. These concepts is what I have always imaging myself working in. Working with a team, and not have isolated barriers of cubicle walls separate us. I think half of the office is really happy with the potential new concept while the other half is terrified of losing their privacy. I have heard that these new concepts promote productivity, inclusiveness and really the essence of team work, which the company all talks about but I never see.

Either way, I am going to be a strong supporter and advocate for this new concept. I am tired of this old layout form the early nineties. Let us get in the here and now and change this office space to an open concept.

Improve your campus! Make it green

While at university, I worked in a LEED certified building in Stockton, California. It was very important for the university to create a new building that would be sustainable and green. The DeRosa University Center has reused glass for tiles in the restroom, big window arrangements to let in more light, reused carpeting, energy efficient lighting, and much more. The UC even has particular finishes on the woodwork and flooring which are environmentally friendly and release fewer gases into the air. I haven’t worked there in a good while but I still remember how important the “greener lifestyle” was at the DeRosa University Center.

Even behind the scenes there were green efforts. In the offices upstairs, there were reused cubicles where the administration held meetings and conducted day-to-day procedures. As staff members, we were very aware of our carbon intake (using emails and googleDocs instead of paper copies and memos), and we even had a Sustainability team. All of this in one building on a university campus? Sounds crazy right? Well, believe me, it took a large construction and commercial design team to create the building. Upon creating the building, there were many other steps that needed to be done to get the building LEED certified. So all in all, the university paid a pretty penny for the building but it is definitely worth it. It attracts many perspective students and it welcomes other visitors on campus. It is the center of campus life and it promotes a greener, sustainable future.